Transfer Subscriber Data to Webpushr

After you have successfully integrated Webpushr to your site, your previously subscribed users from the old web push service provider (such as OneSignal, etc.) will be automatically re-subscribed to Webpushr once they return to your site. Your previously subscribed users will NOT see opt-in prompt during re-subscription - it will happen silently & automatically.

During the first few days after successful integration, you will therefore see a spike in the number of new subscriber on Webpushr.

Because of how Web Push API is designed and implemented by the various browsers, you cannot migrate data (export from old service provider and import into Webpushr). It is simply not possible. We however, automatically re-subscribe users once you have successfully integrated Webpushr to your site.

Follow these Steps:

  1. Remove all old JavaScript code associated with the previous push service provider from your site.
  2. Remove any Web Push Notification related plug-in incase you are running a WordPress based site.
  3. Remove all previous service worker files from your server. If you previously placed any files associated with a push service provider to the root directory of your server, please remove those files.
  4. Integrate Webpushr to your website.
  5. Test your Webpushr integration using our Integration Troubleshooter. Check if the opt-in prompt starts to displat. Try to subscribe and send a few web push notifications to make sure you can receive the notifications.